Electrician Contractor Support

Location: Coronado, CA Hours: Monday-Friday, 40 hours per week
Pay: $23.61 per hour; (1) Year Project with option to renew
Benefits: Direct Deposit; Medical, Dental, Vision
Minimum Requirements: Requires a high school diploma or its equivalent and at least 10 years of experience in the field. Familiar with a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures. Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Performs a variety of complicated tasks. May report directly to a supervisor or manager. A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected. ELECCS shall have the ability to drive a motorized vehicle and possess a valid California "C" driver's license.
Experience Requirements: The ELECCS shall be knowledgeable and skilled in the electrical trade. The ELECCS shall be able to read, interpret and apply building specifications, blueprints and building codes. The employee must be able to recognize and select proper materials from a variety of electrical products. Shall have knowledge of the makeup, operation, and installation of the wiring systems in industrial complexes and buildings, power and control circuits and distribution panels. Shall have the ability to plan, layout and complete the installation, modification, and repair to various systems, circuits, equipment and controls such as those listed above. Shall have knowledge of the various electrical devices, and the ability to arrange and install them in ways that insure proper and safe operation of system, circuits and equipment worked on. Shall have the ability to interpret and apply building plans, blue prints, wiring diagrams and engineering drawings and use formulas. Shall have skill in the use of hand tools and a wide variety of test equipment to include: voltmeter, ammeter, ohmmeter, wattmeter, MegOhmMeter, infrared thermal meter, and cable faultfinder. Knowledge of national and local electrical codes. This position may require ability to obtain licenses for the operation of Fork lift, High Lift (JLG) and/or Construction equipment, upon notification. Should work be assigned that requires special certification or licensing to perform or to use the specialized tools or equipment, the ELECCS shall be required to obtain such certification or licensing and maintain any associated qualification requirements.
Major Duties:
o The ELECCS shall perform service to install, modify, repair, troubleshoot, load and test new and existing electrical line, circuit, system, fixtures, control and equipment. Some of these involved are secondary distribution line and circuit used to supply a wide range of voltage, amperage, phase and frequency requirements, distribution panels, switchgear, power and control circuits, electrical warning, detection, and fire alarm systems and high intensity lighting systems.
o Follow work order request, diagnose system or equipment malfunction and repair as necessary. Use knowledge of national and local electrical codes, agency regulation and equipment manufacturer operation and maintenance manuals to properly analyze problems and complete effective repair.
o Follow recommended maintenance schedule inspect, clean, repair, and adjust a variety of equipment, circuitry, and fixtures such as, electrical buzzer and bell circuits, light socket, lighting fixture, fan switch, solar and conventional heating systems. Use building plan, blueprint, wiring diagram, engineering drawing, and electrical maintenance and repair manual to plan and lay out the routing, placement type, size, gauge, balance, load, continuity, and proper and safe operation of electrical line, circuit, system, equipment, and control. Install, modify, repair, load, and test systems, circuits and device like those described above.
o Determine, arrange, places, and route wiring to and from panel, box, circuit, fitting, connection and control. Determine and install wiring, conduit, fixture, transformer and other electrical device in the size, type, and arrangement needed for proper and safe operation of electrical systems, circuit and equipment. It is estimated that twenty four (24) electrical tasking transactions shall be made daily.
o Operations - The ELECCS shall work alone or with other workers to perform simple or complex tasks while following appropriate and safe procedures. The ELECCS shall perform outages and support construction activities as necessary. Visual and sensory perception along with hand-eye coordination is required to operate equipment, detect deficiencies and make repairs; diagnose problems; and make installment of devices, equipment, parts, etc. The ELECCS shall have a good familiarity of NAVFAC SW Safety and Health Requirement manual, instructions, agency equipment regulations and directives. Guidelines will include a variety of Federal, Department of Defense, and Department of Navy, Commander Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest publications, manuals, directives, standards, policies and procedures. Published guidance will be provided by the Government as needed.
o Processing - The ELECCS shall receive assignment from the customer representative in the form of oral or written instruction (work order) to perform a variety of electrical tasks. The ELECCS shall work alone or with other workers to perform simple or complex tasks while following appropriate and safe procedures.

o Housekeeping - The ELECCS shall ensure all designated working areas are maintained in an orderly manner and continuously maintained free of trash and debris. At the end of each day, the general work areas shall be swept, supplies, materials, tools, and equipment shall be pick-up and stored, and the municipal trash containers will be emptied.
o Technical Support - The ELECCS shall receive work assignments through oral instructions provided by the work leader, higher-graded Government representative, or work orders. Specific assignments of work are provided with detailed instructions on all but the repetitive tasks. Work is checked during progress and upon completion for compliance with instructions, adherence to established practices and standards, and overall acceptability of work. A journeyman-level employee normally checks daily assignments. Journeyman-level employee, leader or supervisor gives advice on unusual problems and checks to see if completed work meets the requirement.
o Meetings/Conferences - The ELECCS shall participate in meetings with contractors, agencies, clients, and team members when required to do so.
o Briefings - The ELECCS shall participate in briefings when required to do so.
o Updates - The ELECCS shall provide monthly status report that summarizes the work efforts and accomplishments performed.
To apply: Please submit an employment application by email or by fax to (310) 756-1562. An application can be obtained from our website at www.hpcemployment.com

Don't Be Fooled

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